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Do you suffer from chipped, cracked, decayed, or damaged teeth? Did you know that restorative care for your teeth is not only beneficial to your full and beautiful smile, but also to the functionality and health that you’ll have down the road?

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Consequences of Damaged & Missing Teeth

When damaged or missing teeth are left untreated, the consequences can happen like a snowball effect. A damaged tooth is more prone to tooth decay, and further breakage. The surrounding teeth can begin to shift or rotate, and your bite can become compromised. A compromised bite can lead to TMJ problems. When a missing tooth is left missing, the underlying jawbone will actually begin to deteriorate, which causes that ‘sunken face’ appearance.

Aside from the oral health consequences, a damaged or missing tooth can damage your quality of life and self-esteem. It can be difficult and painful to enjoy your favorite foods, and to speak and smile naturally and with confidence. Whether there was an accident or the passing of time has caused this damage, Goose Creek Dentists Dr. Barganier and Dr. Bale can help restore your smile’s brilliant luster with restorative services at our Goose Creek dental office.

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