Dental Implants

Missing teeth can pose a serious problem for your oral health and your general comfort. When your bite contains an unnatural space due to a missing tooth, the action of chewing provides resistance against your bite that may destabilize it. In addition to taking away from your smile, missing teeth can also shift your mouth and create a ‘sunken’ look that makes your appear many years older than you are. However, implants can restore the structure of your bite and give you back your confident smile.

Although implants look like natural teeth, they are actually composed of titanuim and porcelain. First, a small titanium rod is placed in the jawbone to replace to the tooth’s former root. Next, a custom-made crown is cemented in place over the the implant. The result is a beautiful new tooth that will blend in, breathing new life into your smile–looking and functioning just the same as your natural teeth.

Implants are also useful as anchors for dentures, or even replacements for partial dentures, if patents desire a healthier, more natural smile.