Metal Free Fillings

Goose Creek Dentist Patient with metal free teeth fillings

No More Metal Mouth

In the past days of dentistry, the only way to fill a cavity and stop the decay of your teeth was to use metal fillings. These metal fillings however combined a mixture of metal alloys, silver and mercury, which tended to expand and contract with changes in temperature leading to damage and breakage. Not only are the functional aspects bothersome, but they are also a glaring reminder of the dental work you previously had every time you open up your mouth.

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At Goose Creek Dental Care, we use all metal-free fillings.  These restorations are much better and safer than the old metal filling.  They don’t expand and contract with temperature changes in your mouth, so they do not allow bacteria to enter and cause tooth decay, as old amalgam fillings did.

Besides being superior in function, they are virtually undetectable—once in place they blend in perfectly with the rest of your teeth.  Goose Creek Dentists Dr. Barganier and Dr. Bale use composite fillings that look just like the enamel of your teeth and are safer, stronger and longer lasting than filling materials used in the past.

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