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Bonding is one the easiest, quickest, most inexpensive treatments available for minor instances of crooked, chipped, or discolored teeth. Bonding involves the use of a filling that is applied to your teeth to achieve your desired aesthetic results. Because the filling is available in nearly every possible shade, it blends perfectly with your teeth while simultaneously repairing your smile.

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We use a tooth-colored resin to paint over the surface of the teeth to correct minor imperfections, and sand the bond to blend in perfectly with your natural smile. Viola! A small change can make all the difference.

In addition to fixing slight cosmetic issues, bonding’s function well as a filling for cavities. In fact, a significant number of patients find that they favor bonded fillings over amalgam fillings because they blend in with the tooth, whereas, silver amalgam fillings are quite noticeable.

Bonding is a convenient choice because it costs less than similar treatments and can often be taken care of in a single visit. However, bonding treatments are susceptible to stains and less durable than their treatment counterparts. If you have a bonding that is chipped or broken, let us know, and we can usually fix it in one visit.

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